Naughty or Nice Jars

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 2:34 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

I did a blog on this awhile back but can't find it and recently have had some people ask me about them when I've mentioned them so I thought I'd post one again!

We encourage our kids to do chores early on! Peyton of course is a little young and is 19 months old but we do encourage her to pick up her toys, put her laundry in the dirty clothes, little things like that which make her feel big! Plus she loves doing things like unloading the dishwasher with mommy!

Now for the other 3 kids who are 4, 6 and 8 we have what we call Naughty or Nice Jars that was a spin off of some things a few of our homeschooled friends did and articles we read. We started doing these about a year ago and they have worked wonderfully for encouraging them to do their chores and keep up good behavior! We do them as a joint jars so that it's like team work and they will encourage each other to all pitch in on the work around the house and behave because in the end if one of them acts up and they loose their reward they could all suffer if the jar runs out!

So we have cards with random things on them ..

"get a sonic drink"
"get a new toy from the dollar store"
"stay up an hour late"
"get out of chores for a day"
"go to the park"
"movie night, kids pick"
"pizza night"
"family game night"
"go to wazoos"
"go bowling"
"earn $5"
"have a sleepover"
"camp out with home made tent in living room"
"visit the candy store"
"go get ice cream"

when they have been good for the day and they have done all of their chores and acted in a good manner they will get to each put one card from the deck in the "nice jar"

if they are bad at the end of the day and didn't do their chores, faught a lot, got a color change at school, back talked, dirty mouth, anything that is out of line the kid who did bad will have to draw one of the cards out of the "nice jar" and stick it in the "naughty jar"

at the end of the week on Friday they get to pick one card from what is left in the "nice jar" if there is anything left. What they draw will be their treat for being good for the week and a joint treat. If they don't have any cards left they don't get anything (this has actually happened lol)

They get really excited about getting to put in the "nice jar" and really upset over the "naughty jar" so it works great for us for now!

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