18 days left of summer.. cotton candy, sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummi bears.. oh my!

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Well today was another day of trying to have some fun inside out of the heat and stay cool!

I had to go get my auto tags renewed so while we were out doing that we went over to the mall play area to let the kids run some energy out and have fun! One thing I actually do love about Lawton (there's not many lol) I wish we had a play area so bad at our mall in Texas! I'm shocked we don't!

Then we headed over to Orange Leaf to check that out since we had never been to it. It's a newer place here in Lawton with frozen yogurt a lot like Yo Yo's in Texas!

I loved how they had all these cute little chairs the kids sizes! Peyton thought that was just super neat and was swinging her feet and smiling!

The kids are outside swimming for the 2nd time today! They are really loving it and it's been nice for them to be able to have that luxury to go the pool whenever this summer on the visits home to my mom since we have to keep Peyton out of the heat more and it's been so flipping hot you want to go swimming but not stay for long so a lot more convenient being right out the back door for sure!

The kids got a cotton candy flavored frozen yogurt loaded with mike and ikes, chocolate chips, m&m's, sprinkles and all sorts of goodies!!

19 Days Left Summer..staying cool!

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Yesterday my nephew came over for the day to visit and play with the kids and I took them all to chickfila to get out of this heat and play and get some ice cream! I love that the chickfila here has finally put their playground in doors! It's wonderful on days like yesterday when it's 110!

8/3 Deals and Steals!

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Today's Saves..
Saved $1 on my special k chips today and $1 for my mom on her dinner rolls at walmart.
Got my mom free lunch at chickfila, a free sandwhich for me (paid for fries and drink), and all the kids free ice cream.
Then I went back to Walgreens to get another razor for hubby (trying to stock on them this week) and I saved $54 at walgreens.. spent $36! I got..

fusion razor
aveno bath soak
aveno wash
aveno lotion
2 large packs of twizzlers
4 axe body sprays with a mini body spray (my 8yr old thinks he NEEDS it)
4 axe shower gels