New Years Eve 2011!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012 5:28 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva 0 comments

I had a wonderful New Years Eve this year! We spent it with the kids the first part of it and headed off to a good friend of mine's house to have a little party but left early to drop the kids back to my mom's house since we were in town to have the luxury of grandparents to watch them.

My husband and I got a hotel for the night to spend some time alone since we haven't done that since we have had our baby Peyton so it's been almost 3yrs!! We got a local hotel room and went to the local casino and spent some much needed time together and rang in the New Year alone!

My husband surprised me by checking into the hotel early and putting rose pedals everywhere! I really really needed that! He always puts so much extra thought into things, I love him for that!