My Coupon Binder

Thursday, July 21, 2011 9:45 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva 1 comments
The front of my coupon binder!

The inside of my coupon binder. This is where I keep my shopping list for the deals I went to hit up that I found online, in sales ads or just my grocerie list!

You can also see how I keep my coupons in a baseball card size page, each having their own pocket. I seperate them according to brand in each square.

Here is where I seperate my pages by colorful tags or sheets. I seperate them by catagories such as..

1) Hygeine
2) Cleaning
3) Cold
4) Frozen
5) Dry Fods
6) Pastas, Sauces and Cans
7) Drinks
8) Baby Items
9) Misc Items
10) Store Coupons (like clothing discounts, rewards cards)
11) Resteraunts

The Full Page Inserts. This is where I keep my large coupons or rewards charts in one and in another I keep a copy of every stores coupon policy for an easy refrence!

The back of my coupon binder. This is where I keep an envelope suggested to me by a friend to put all of my pulled coupons for easy access at the end of my trip for an easy check out! I just place them in there as I pull them through out the store!

32 Days Left Of Summer.. Yum Yum Fun!

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This week has been such a bust between the way I felt and Peytons exzama which finally was cleared up enough to leave the house today! Thank heavens because I had a lot to do!

First we went and got my blood drawn to check my thyroid levels. The kids were so well behaved! It's times like those that it makes me proud and Aidan helping with the baby while I have to do that. Then they act normal.. lol jk

After we went to chucky cheese like I have promised for days to do when they pulled it out of the "Summer Fun" jar the beginning of the week! They cashed in their rewards charts for 10 free tokens a piece and I bought $5 extra to split up between them. We got a good hour and a half of fun with that so you can't beat that!

After we had to do some pick ups and checked out the clothing swap they have once a month. Sometimes you will be lucky and find something and others not much at all. I never can find anything for Bryan or the boys. Mostly the girls. However today I found a few shirts for him which he needed more and a few for Aidan for winter which he needed some so I'm super stoked!!

After that we went to trade in another Wii game of Aidan's choice this time for a new one. He got Nerf! Of course haha