Cinco De Mayo and Friction Spiders

Monday, May 3, 2010 3:11 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Today was a pretty crafty day in the school room for most of the day! It was definatly a much smoother day today then it was on Friday by far. I think the more we go on the easier it will get as well.

I really enjoyed getting half our day done before dad came home for lunch and taking recess and lunch while he was here so that he could enjoy getting to visit with them too. I know he feels like he is missing out on so much of their lives right now as well as I do.

First one of the fun activities we did today on top of the text book work was for arts and crafts/music we made homemade maraca's in honor of Cinco De Mayo coming up out of some toilet paper rolls I have been saving. I knew they would come in handy soon!

First we took a toilet paper roll and put plastic wrap on one end, attaching it with a rubber band.

Then the kid shad their choice of different items such as beans, rice, misc items from the kitchen to put inside as fillers.

we covered the other end the same with plastic wrap and a rubber band and had fun playing music and learned about the different sounds the different items could make!

Then for science today we did a Friction Spider chosen from my friend Emily's Blog about Electric Preschool Activities.

First you draw a circle. I had one child cut out the circle and draw a face while the other child traced his hands and cut them out for the legs.

We assembled them with tape as suggested.

Then on to assemble the friction part. We didn't have any note cards so we used an empty poptart box from our recycling bin and cut it into the shape of a note card and punched holes in it. As well as attaching a used popcicle stick we had saved in our stash and a long piece of craft yard.

Also attached at the bottom of the spider is three pennies to allow a little weight.

When the string is held tight the spider sits still. When
the string is cut a little slack Mrs. Spider comes crawling down!

For our snack time today we had Wubbzy's Marshmallow Lasagna after a friend of mine mentioned her son asking for it! I had never heard of it but it looked super cute and I thought it'd be a big hit with the kids but saddly it was not with mine as they are not smore's fans at all. What kid isn't? They are strange little kids lol But I'm sure it will be a big hit for other children and thought I'd pass it on!

Wubbzy's Marshmallow Lasagna

4 Graham Crackers

8 Jumbo Marshmallows

2 Chocolate Bars


So we had a pretty fun day around here today and of course the kids were excited it was so beautiful out and didn't rain before recess and they got to play at the park behind our house for recess!

A great site for printing out work sheets and has several different subjects from writing, math, and more that I thought I'd pass on..

Well I'm finished eating my extremely LATE lunch and guess I better try to continue folding the pile of laundry I have going on and put it away before it's time to take the boys to wrestling!

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  1. Nana' :) Says:

    Looks like a fun and interesting day. Please try to email me pictures, also. When I copy them from the web, they are not as hight quality as when you send them to me. I am going to start my scrapbooks this summer, so I want to have some to print. Send the kids my love! Nana'

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