Stuck for way to long..

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This has become one of my favorite songs over the last week. Every time I listen to it, I get chills and I love the beginning with what she has to say. I feel like this so much lately that just when hope faded away it came back.. that God is there forever and will always been there. That I have fought for way to long to get to where I once was. I still struggle in so many ways in my path and my life with personal things going on but I'm fighting every day more and more and giving my heart to God and hoping each day he will take a hold of it more and more and will lead me.. show me he's there forever and the path to go and that things are okay and that even in the worst moments they all serve a purpose to be where I am, what I have become, what I need to be. To not let them get the best of me like I tend to let them do at times.

I feel myself getting so down sometimes over things in the past, things I have no control of that are current or seem to keep creeping up in my life hurting me, hurting the ones I love, making me feel worthless or like I'm being slowly destroyed.

It used to be a thing of my past when I was angry I would blare something like slipknot or seether.. something I could scream too.. something that might have very depressing lyrics in all reality. I've started listening to air one lately on the radio in the car and I've come to love so many songs on there that are a lot of alternative rock I love so much but with positive words, uplifting spiritual context that can make me feel better in a positive way. Not scream in an angry way to get it out when I'm screaming the lyrics to a song playing loud but sing to him, give it to him, praise him and just cry to him to help and lead me. Music has always been a big part of my life. Every song has a meaning to me.

I'm not perfect. No human is. But I could be so much better then what I am. So much better for myself. For my kids. For my family and I will continue to strive for that. I will continue to push on the days I'm tired or running late to set an example for my kids and get to church, praise God, hear his word and start my day with a great start. If only I could rush myself there every morning to start my day the same wonderful way I start every Sunday!

Log Cabins and Birthdays!

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Last week we ended our week studying pioneers and made log cabins as part of our history projects! The boys had a lot of fun with this till my overly sensory sensitive child Keagan had a fit over the glue being on him.. but for the most part he loved it lol

We also finished up studying on habitats, forest, and deserts! A lot of really fun games tied into the lesson plans this week that the kids loved!

Friday was my daughters 2nd birthday! We had her party last Sunday but she is officially 2yrs old now!

Then on Saturday my oldest turned 9yrs old. So heart breaking to me! It's a bitter sweet moment to see him growing and becoming this little man already! He just acts so mature in so many ways already like he's a little teen but still obviously very childish too thankfully lol

He had his birthday party at a local gymnastics gym here that has this large foam pit you can play in, a bounce house, trampolines, lots of fun stuff to do! The kids had a blast!

He also got a large birthday cookie cake since the weird child of mine does not like to eat cake! It was something neat and different to do though!

He's been begging to get his own nintendo ds for about 2yrs now and we have yet to give in because we just didn't think he needed one and I'm not to fond of video games myself. I gave in with the Wii a few years back because it was something more family oriented we could all play and something active rather than just sitting. I didn't want to get him a ds and him just have his head stuck in it all the time like you will see some kids. We finally gave in and got him a used one from a friend of ours since he's really been begging the last few months and shown a lot of responsibility with the wii to not go over board. He was so stoked over this! I think it won best present from the parents in a long time lol