See Through Egg Science and Craft Stick Flag

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 7:46 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

So yesterday I got in for my first appointment here since returning home and it went wonderful! I absolutely loved this Dr! He was very relaxed, kicked back, talked to me and listened to everything I had to say and chatted with me about off topic stuff as well! Then I find out that he's not my PCM after I left! So I went down and tried to switch to him to learn he's at capacity and went to patient advocacy crying my story and how it was important I stay with the same Dr after all these test were done too and he pushed me through to be seen by him! Yay! He said it was good I switched because my PCM was actually leaving in a few weeks too!

So he sent me up to have an EKG done to see what's going on with my heart and ordered a heart monitor to be placed on me at home for longer monitoring. Did some blood work to check my thyroid levels and potassium levels now. Also put my referral in for ENT so I could get back up with the Dr that found my goiter and get the surgery scheduled. And the best part, finally diagnosed me with CVS.. the disease I've faught since I was a child but never could get answers for till my daughter was diagnosed from the SAME symptoms and put on meds for it! So he wrote me a script to get on meds for that and hopefully after 27yrs I have hope on that one too!

So today I get my blood results back and potassium was completely fine but my thyroid was really high so we are switching my meds as that will need stabilized again before surgery. Also put a referral in with a thyroid specialist.

So I got a lot done the last two days between that and also getting my WIC finally switched over and getting a breast pump to start the process to build a stash hopefully for surgery!

Today we learned about Jonah and the Whale for our devotional time and for Science

See Through Egg Science

What You Need:

A raw chicken egg in it's shell

white vinegar

clear glass jar
turkey baster

What To Do:

Have your child carefully place the raw egg in the glass jar.

Poor vinegar over egg until it's completely submerged.

Cover the jar and observe. Talk to your child about what's happening inside the jar. What can she see? Do you see bubbles forming? What does she think might be happening?

Explain to your child that the bubbles she see's in the jar is caused by the vinegar dissolving the egg shell. The vinegar eats away at it. Ask her what she thinks will happen if you let it continue to eat away at it.

Place the jar in the refrigerator and observe for 24 hours.

After 24 hours remove the jar from the fridge and remove the old vinegar. Be careful not to poke or bump the egg.

After the old vinegar is removed place fresh vinegar in the jar and place back in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Continue this till the egg shell is see through.

Once the egg shell is see through gently remove the egg. You can see the insides of the egg which is held in by the membrane. Ask your child why she thinks the membrane is helpful to the chick growing inside. Explain how it keeps out dirt and germs.

Encourage your child to examine the egg shell now egg less. What does she see?

Let your child now gently hold the egg in their hand over a sink and gently give a squeeze and the egg will explode! Does it feel squishy like a pillow?

Then for music we listened to some songs such as This Land is My Land and God Bless America while we did a craft in honor of Memorial Day next week.

Craft Flag Stick

Supplies Needed:

9 craft sticks

red and white acrylic paint



blue construction paper

white crayon

Paint 5 craft sticks red and 4 white. Let them dry.

Glue them together in an altering pattern and two broken craft sticks on the side and the middle.

While drying cut a square out of the blue construction paper and have child draw white starts or specs on the square.

When the glue has set turn the flag over, glue the blue square on the left side and a long craft stick on the side.

Now you have a little flag to celebrate with!

We also made a new friend today! Keagan found a caterpillar and made it's day with ONE BIG APPLE all for one LITTLE worm! hehe

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