Day 2 & 3 - Mother Goose, Yoga, and More!

Thursday, November 13, 2014 10:31 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva 0 comments
Day two was a good day! We read a few Mother Goose poems for part of reading and Brooklyn chose her favorite Mother Goose Poem to draw a picture about! Rain Rain Go Away!

Of course one of the best ones was reading about the two sisters arguing since the two sisters here have been doing a lot of that the last few days haha
Some of our fun games we got to play to practice our short and long vowel sounds for phonics..

She got to play a few new math games as part of math on top of her text book work! A few of the games we played.. Practicing Basic Addition and Subtraction
Practice some fractions with this game
But her favorite was the Fruit Fall to practice graphing!

As Part of History we have been studying Asian Civilization and she studied about Buddah and Hiduism. We talked about the difference in the religions and she got to decorate her own Mandalla! She loved that because she loves to draw and decorate!

We took a breather and stretched out during the day with some fun Animal Yoga! Practicing different moves and pretending to be different animals! I got reminded today that we forgot to do yoga haha

For Science we learned about cells and examined the skin cells under a microscope and magnifying glass!

My youngest has been working on the Letter I! She had fun cutting out ice cream for the letter I and working on her motor skills by cutting and gluing!

She learned the letter I song and has been singing it every since!

Lyrics to "The Ice Cream Man"

(tune of "The Muffin Man")
Do you know the ice cream man,
the ice cream man,
the ice cream man?
Do you know the ice cream man
who likes to sing with me?
Oh, he loves the letter I,
the letter I,
the letter I,
Oh, he loves the letter I
and likes to sing with me.

Practiced tracing the Letter I, and playing some fun Letter I games

Just a few fun things from our last 2 days!