Nutty for Nut-rition!!

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Today we had our Nut-rition house party!! I love love love doing house parties because we get to try new products or new ways to use products we love! We had a playdate today and the kids and parents each got a water bottle and got peanut butter to try out! I tried out some fun new recipes too! Love this new extra twist to the original taste!

A little worried

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So a few updates around here.. Aidan - we now think that the possibility that they thought he had a vocal tic form of turrets isn't that. I originally thought personally that it was asthma related and then they thought e didn't have asthma and blew me off for that and told me it was turrets possibly. Then he finally got diagnosed with asthma like I thought and it has continued to stay a "vocal" thing. I thought I noticed that it was increasing at bad allergy times. Finally in Oklahoma it flared up really bad. He had to be in a house where cats had been to say good bye to my mother in law in case she passed. If not given the situation I wouldn't have taken him there knowing he's severely allergic. Normally he just gets a really bad reaction in his eyes, etc. Not long after he starts the vocal tic up and it increased. It got really bad and I thought maybe I shoudl take him to the ER while he's doing it to see if there's something they could see. Suddenly he starts having problems breathing. I take him in at this point and they checked hima nd rushed him back and his oxygen level had mostly been in 80's but got down as low as 70's! Said his tonsil area was very swollen as well! They wound up giving him an epi pen there and sending us home with one and an increased dose of steroids and said that it made sense that he was doing it because it was so irritated so I'm going to see about getting a referal to an ENT. He has an apt with his allergy specialist Friday. The kids also went back to scool about the middle of September because I was concerned about a few things like the fact I think he may have dyslexia and tht personally is just over my head since math is one of my weaker subjects. Along with some other things on the other 2 kids. One being the curriculum from k12 was just not giving them what they needed at all. Keagan was way to advanced for it and they were way to slow about helping Aidan. Aidan has his test to be looked at for the possibility of dyslexia I belive the 14th of October. He is still mixing up letters and numbers and it runs on his bio dads side. We met with the school councelor prior to putting them in and voiced all of our concerns and rather than blowing us off they told us about a special reading program they have for dyslexic kids or kids failing reading and had him in it after a week and after doing their own testing with him! So the fact they were listening to me before putting them in made me even more confident wtih the choice! He's already starting to do better on a few things with math just from his teacher actually giving a crap and not being like the one the year we pulled him out to call him "stupid" Keagan - Keagan is still showing very high intellegence at school and on the gifted side. I was having a lot of problems with him and his over stimulation for awhile which is then in return a huge attitude and we were going to put him back in ABA but I think he's starting to adjust a little more but still waiting on a referal. Brooklyn.. the newest part that has me upset right now. They were sitting on their butts about the referal for testing for autism and loosing things. I finally got her in with a specialist and she will be tested on the 9th. I'm also now Worried because she failed her hearing test at school! I've said for about a year I was concerned with her speech and got blown off. Calling ped first thing in morning. She was also still a little off on sight like she was at eye dr in feb so glasses may be coming. So that sums up the latest here.. how lets hope for more answers and help

All About Pumpkins!!

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Lot's of fun with Pumpkins the last few days! On Monday the tots had some fun painting pumpkins while the bigger kids were in school! Tonight the bigger kids carved pumpkins themselves (I can't believe they are big enough to do it themselves now!) And then we baked the seeds for a yummy snack!!

My Saves October 14th-20th

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Just a few saves this week on my normal every day trips.. nothing huge this week but none the less a deal is a deal and a $1 saved is better then none! Wednesday - went to the local good will in my home town and not only found some great deals on some clothing but got hooked up with a great discount! I got a pair of jeans for myself, 6 shirts for myself, and a bag of toys for $25! Thursday - free chickfila sandwhich with validation code gained from filling out an online survey! Just a few minutes of my time for a few bucks saved! Friday - free childcare (every month we get 16 free hours of childcare on post because of the type unit my husband is in), free movies (this technically was not free how ever it was from a raffle auction won that I gained a ton for my money and the money went to a great cause! So a simple donation gained some free date nights!) Saturday - $45 saved at Price Chopper on Groceries! 40% of my bill!

Lego Costume

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So this year I needed to come up with an idea for a costume for myself for a Scentsy Event I was doing...A table at the witches ball! So I decided to make a lego costume! This was a great inexpensive costume that cost no more then $3! I got a box from my garage and cut out arm holes and a hole for the head. Painted the box red ($1 paint) and Super Glued Red cups on the front for the lego pieces ($2 for glue and cups!) Of course my daughter later went into the garage and got the paint and painted my hallway wall red so I have more painting yet to do lol

A Day at the Ranch!

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I took the kids out and got some adorable pictures of them in their Halloween Costumes this afternoon before our playgroup Halloween Party! My youngest is Shirley Temple compliments of her Nana making the costume! My oldest daughter is Monster High and my boys are Batman and Gi Joe!
After we took a few fun pictures we had some fun with some friends eating a lot of different Halloween snacks and then headed out to the Ranch for the evening and had hot dogs, chips, and caramel apples! Played some games, made some crafts and rode horses!! Great evening and lots of fun!

Saves so far this week

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so far my savings for this week.. Monday Walgreens $4 off proglide razor and $5RR bringing it to $1! One Day Sale Price Chopper - $.29 peas, $.29 green beans, $.29 corn, $1lb strawberries, $1lb Apples, 1/2 off keebler snack cookies, $1.49 capri suns, and a few other great deals..wound up saving 33% on my bill! $60 saved! Tuesday Free chargrilled chicken sandwhich at chickfila Free $20 walmart gift card with Sam's Membership enrollement Wednesday happy hour drinks at Sonic Free movie at Redbox

A few minutes to release!

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Man I have really slacked off on my blog, especially this summer!! And boy oh boy do I need it to release some of those extra thoughts and compile all the favorite recipes, crafts, etc I find into one place so I've got to get back to it! So many things have changed over the summer!! We started out this school year with virtual school this year for homeschool to try things a little differently! It was a really awesome option through K12 that allowed us to get a lot of curriculum (18 boxes) for the kids with out paying anything! Helps coach you a long the way for those that might need that extra help with online virtual teachers. It also gives the option to be able to link into the school with testing and so much more too. However as the weeks passed by and having a few more problems with the kids that needed I think a little more experience with it we decided to put them back in Public School after doing a lot of research with the schools here on post. We were very pleased with what we saw on post and how at ease the staff made us feel when we met with them and went over the needs of our children from autism to possible dyslexia. I absolutely loved homeschooling them, learning with them and having the time with them but some things I think would be much better off in the hands of someone else for us personally as a family. The possible dyslexia is a little beyond me in my opinion and I want to ensure he gets the best help. They already have him in a special reading class to help him with his problems and he is already starting to pick up in some trouble areas all because this one teacher is working well with him and his last public school he was failing because she blew him off and called him a failure! So I am very happy to see what we are seeing so far! They have been back in public school about 2 weeks and though they were hesitant to go back after their last experience they are absolutely loving it and look forward to going back every day!! I feel they are in very good hands at this school! Of course sending them back doesn't mean I have lots of free time since I still stay very busy daily babysitting! And I still teach the little ones here the basic things! So I'm still having lots of fun here!