chinese dragons, place values, letter reviews and more!

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The last few days we have been having some fun around here! The 2nd grader has been learning about Chinese dragons, the Chinese year, the great wall of china and more during Asian Civilization for History! She colored a really beautiful Chinese dragon and made a Chinese dragon kite!

She's been studying about antonyms, soft and hard c's, some more on life cycles, more on place values and tens and ones, and some other fun stuff the last few days. We need to go check out the book The Littles for or reading assignment.

My preschooler has been reviewing the letters F, G, H, I, and J this week. She did some finger painting and worked on some fun Thanksgiving print outs to go with our holiday coming up to practice counting and beginning sounds! And what she was thankful for!

One of my older kids Keagan who is in public school came home with this really cool art project yesterday! I love when he comes home with stuff like this! I have so many on my dresser and my end tables around the house! I need to start doing some of these art projects at home with the younger ones too! They are so awesome!

Brooklyn also started her speech today! We are very excited about that because you always get a little more outside of what you would in the school system since there are less boundaries for one. There hasn't been anyone local here to work with her til recently and it timed out just right for when we were going back to homeschool so that she could get more speech therapy as well! She was never on an IEP in school as it wasn't severe but she was on a good starter program so I am very thankful for that at least! I can see so many changes just from what they were able to do at school and were willing to do already and can only imagine where she will be in a few months from the new services! It also worked wonderful to time out back to back and next door to another one of her therapies so that is just one less stressor off our back to make lives easier in this process and easier for her in the transition! She absolutely loves it so far!

Mayor's Tree Lighting

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Every year we have a big annual mayors tree lighting with a parade, Christmas bazaar, entertainment, food, and more that I am very very fortunate to have been asked to be a part of and help run a portion of it for the city! I absolutely love getting to be a part and not just attend it but feel like I am part of the community and participate and try to hop on opportunities like that when I can to be more involved and learn more about the city we currently live in and make it our home while we are here!
Last year it was really cold and got down to 11 degrees and effected our turn out but there was still a decent one. This year it got bumped up a few weeks earlier to hopefully help some with the weather and the turn out to be like it was many years before and thankfully it wasn't that cold but it almost got a little ruined from rain! I think it scared a few people off but thankfully not to many and it was only light showers and stayed out of our covered area so we were able to still enjoy our festive night! A few pictures of the kiddos I got that night! One was missing from the santa picture because my husband wasn't feeling to great and had to go home and I couldn't handle running things while watching the youngest so she wasn't there at that point but I got most of my kids haha

Meet Stinkerbell!!!

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our newest member of the family! I am so NOT a cat person but I got talked into getting one finally and I can't help but say I kinda like it lol