14 Days Left of Summer.. a step into history!

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Today we visited the 3rd ACR Musuem on post that they built not to long ago! They had a really awesome dress up section for the kids that they really enjoyed! It was fun for them to learn about the history of the unit!

Not such a good trip!

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crappy day..paid $3 for dallas paper and they only had red plum?!
Never had that happened and theyre wrapped so wasnt stole!
Walgreens wasn`t stocked on listerine and I had to go to another town close but they only had barbie so I got that but really want other for boys! I spent $18 and saved $24..
1 gilette razor
6 popcicle boxes
3 campbells soup
2 packs hair clips ( one was clearance $.60 and onr $1.29)
4 skinny cows
1 kids listerine

got the mail yesterday and lots of goodies! I had ramen coupons, coupon for a free nestles ice cream, juice box and coupons from motts, garnier moisture sample and coupon, and rebate check from nexcare bandaids