A Wonderful Christmas 2011!

Sunday, December 25, 2011 10:13 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva 0 comments

Last night started our Christmas adventures!!! We spent the day baking cookies for Santa, making reindeer chow, went to our church candle light service, off to a friends for a Christmas Eve party and then ended the night watching Elf on A Shelf!

we woke up this morning and had a special Christmas breakfast! Santa pancakes!

A pancake covered in whip cream for the beard and hat, the hat is filled with cherries, bananas for the eyes and nose and chocolate chips!

The kids had a wonderful Christmas and got everything they wanted from Santa! Probably a little to much but they have been super good this year!

after we got done opening all of our gifts we went to church and then came home and started the day of cooking! I wound up making our day extra special by getting to big of a turkey in to little of a pan apparently and it dripped down to much in the oven and started smoking then had flames coming out of the oven! We got it cooled off and cleaned it up and tried again but still to much so my husband had to rush off to Golden Corral and pay out the butt to get some pre done turkey to feed our family and the 4 families coming over for dinner! It was well worth it to enjoy our wonderful Christmas here with our Army family!

Great night visiting with friends and laughing and having a good time! I will surely miss these years spent here with our Army Family in Texas and sad to think this is our last Christmas spent here!