Flowers and the Arctic Ocean

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Aidan finished up reading about edible flowers and sunflowers today! He was really amused with the different uses for so many flowers.

He made a sunflower out of popcorn today as part of his craft project blended in with his science lesson.

he also finished up on his history lesson reading about Greece and the Spartans! He made his own shield to defend himself in war after he finished his lesson out of card board!

He however is not to pleased with the fact they killed off their weak babies or left them out to die and could be adopted as slaves. In fact I'm pretty sure he's traumatized by it haha jk

Keagan continued on reading about Daniel Boone today and more about the Arctic Ocean, Tundra, Grasslands and more! He had some fun with making his own ocean and watching the different waves! We used a tub of water, food coloring and a blow dryer (supervised lol) to watch the different waves!

The Booger Ceremony and Covered Wagons

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Don't let this name fool you as it means nothing like it sounds, in fact it was a The Booger Ceremony was held when warriors wanted to ridicule (make fun of) enemies. During this ceremony, Cherokee men who were going to battle would wear the Booger masks they had made.
Almost all Cherokee ceremonies were held at the council house, which is near the center of the village. One of the most important Cherokee ceremonies is the Green Corn ceremony. Ceremonies like the Green Corn last about three weeks!

The Green Corn ceremony is held whenever the crops are ripe. It was called the Green Corn because the corn was not green. At this ceremony, there was a great feast with many good foods prepared by the women of the village. One thing the women made was a special cornbread.

with that being said I'm pretty sure I just started some trouble in my house because my 2nd son just found it ever so fascinating to be called the "booger ceremony" and is on a mission to make his own "booger ceremony" and just won't let this go lol I thought we were never going to make it through the lesson for him cracking up so hard over it! Must be what little cherokee he has in him haha

So as we continue reading about the indians and pioneers he found this overly fascinating but had a lot of fun making a covered wagon to play with as one of the crafts that tied into his lesson yesterday.

We had a colorful wagon as I only had an orange shoe box haha