Guess I lost the excitement..

Tuesday, December 6, 2011 7:00 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva 0 comments
Wow I guess I got caught up in things and lost all the excitement to blog about! I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged but didn't seem like there was as much interesting to blog about! I'm still running the in home daycare but of course all the fun things we do on there I don't post a lot of those because I don't want to expose other peoples children in pictures on my blog in case it bothers them. Things have been going amazing with that and I got so busy for awhile and so full with kids but recently had some drop from going away for holidays, losing a job and more. Sad to see them go but gives me a little down time too!

My oldest daughter turned 5yrs old in November! I can't believe she has gotten to be so big! She is just a ray of sunshine and so beautiful! She's always so bubbly and sensative!

I made my very first attempt at making a birthday cake for her to go with her toy story theme and made her a horse shoe cake with a pan my mom handed down to me that she once used!

My youngest daughter just had her 2nd birthday and turns 2yrs old this Friday! I can not believe she is my LAST baby and she is no longer a baby! She decided about 2 weeks ago she wanted nothing more to do with diapers and potty trained! It's so funny to see such a tiny little 20lb child on such a big toilet!

I also made her cake and didn't do as well as I had hoped! First it fell apart and had to be held together in some places with icing and then the icing came out pink and not red but I covered that up with a lot of red sprinkles and she was happy! That's all that matters right?!

My kids just finished up a soccer season about 2 weeks ago and had a blast playing! My husband and I both coached and had so much fun coaching together and had wonderful kids on our team! This was my son Keagan's first year playing soccer!

They're about 2 months into wrestling season now and started tournaments for this season a few weeks ago! So far things are going well! My youngest son Keagan just placed 1st in Nationals about 2 weeks ago and won a huge wrestling belt! I'm very proud of him!

My kids are now homeschooling again after several problems with in the school and missing homeschooling them as well. One of my sons was getting bullied on a lot by another child which we would've never guessed being he is so tough but he was afraid to defend himself and get in trouble! Another constantly embarrassed about how he doesn't do good enough by his teacher. I'm very excited to be back on this journey and should have a lot more to blog about for sure now!

And for the biggest news yet.. WE'RE MOVING!!!!!!!! We just came down on orders to move to Fort Leavenworth, KS! Very excited but Texas has surely become my home and will be greatly missed! I have made some really close friends here and had some unforgettable experiences!!