Oklahoma Bound

Sunday, May 16, 2010 7:31 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Well we made it safe and sound to Oklahoma and officially relocated home during my husbands training and deployment!

I know different people have different opinions on rather you should go home during deployments and I normally am one that thinks it's really better to just stay at home and hold down the home front when they are gone instead of uprooting the kids and the family and starting all over in a lot of ways but I also see a lot of benefits of it for a lot of people. Just for me in the past I hadn't come home for the deployments in the past but the last deployment I came home and don't think that was a bad choice and don't regret it but it was definitely hard moving home after being on my own for so long. Being used to sharing space with someone, not having the entire house to myself, my parents unfortunately don't have a back yard so I had to go out a lot more to get the kids out door time else where to make sure they stayed active and it was definitely a little stressful for them getting used to years with no kids and then all of these kids coming in. So I wound up going back to Texas before deployment was over and enjoyed my time back on my own and didn't think I would attempt moving home again.

But here we go, yet another deployment and as the time came closer I found more and more reasons to why I should come back home and making me think about it again. But the biggest kicker was my health and the recent things going on and not having much choice if I wanted to get the ball rolling and get things taken care of I knew the drs here would do it and not put me off like they were there. I think the fact I "need" my mothers help more then just moving in for convenience has made me appreciate it a lot more. I've noticed even on visits home the last year that I appreciate things she does a lot more and I think she appreciates us being here more because she realizes how far we are and how much she missed when we were gone.

I don't care for a lot of things in our home town but I miss some of my friends of course but really miss the family and them missing out on the kids as they grow up so it's nice to have this time to share with them while my husband is away. Like a bitter sweet trade off.

The kids got their first swim of the year in at my parents house (aside from the lake)! I don't know how they swim in that cold water but I remember swimming so much earlier then May when I was a child! Around March or April sometimes! It's amazing how our tolerance changes as adults!

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