Wazoos and 3D Paint

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:21 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon at Wazoo's. A big place full of inflatables for the kids to jump in. It rained most of the day so that was our rainy day fun before spending the rest of it grocery shopping which is always eventful to say the least with 4 kids lol

I usually do really well on my the budget I make for myself but I went over this time which I knew I would but we needed to restock bad. With summer time things are going super fast in this house and with my husband leaving soon I want him to be able to have all of his favorite things before leaving too!

Today was kind of a much needed lazy day! It rained most of the day but when it finally stopped we went outside and had some fun with some new 3D paint! The kids love the 3D chalk but I've been wanting to get the paint for them to try. They loved it and it was a lot of fun but I have to say for the price it's not an all the time thing because you can only use it maybe once or twice. You go through it really fast! At least the chalk last awhile! But it was fun to try and I want to get the sprayers next time!

I got caught up on some laundry.. seriously I just washed, folded and put it all away on Monday and I had around 3 loads to put up again today! It's a never ending task! I think one day I'm going to be found buried alive under it all!

Well it's time for dinner! Salad and lasagna tonight and strawberry shortcake for desert! YUM!!

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