All About Peyton

Tuesday, August 3, 2010 7:20 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

well Peyton had her very late 6 month check up the other day at 7 and a half months. They were booked up when I called after my surgery.

She is doing well over all and is advanced developementally on some things. She is crawling, sitting, standing, starting to walk around things, starting to talk, eating finger foods.

However she did gain a little weight and is 12.5 lbs but since she was already so low and in the 5% her not gaining much put her below 5 % which may be nothing since mom and dad are both pretty small but something we have to watch to make sure especially given the circumstances of the problems I had during my pregnancy. So instead of going back at 12 months we have to start going in every month to get weight checks. She eats ALL the time though. She will eat 2 jars, 3-4 rice crips or teething cookies, some finger foods like peas, etc all in one sitting. He said as long as she progresses on her own pace not a worrie but we will watch to make sure that she doesn't fall anymore.

She was 26 inches and 10% for height.

Her left food is also turning in so we are hoping that is something that will correct over time like it did on Keagan and Brooklyn but it turns more then theirs did so we have to watch that as well.

But for the most part she did well and did well with her shots.

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