Hannah Montana Party

Sunday, October 24, 2010 9:26 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

my daughter just recently had her 4th Birthday party! Seems like I just had her! She wanted Yo Gabba Gabba at first but then we had problems finding stuff for the party so I asked her to pick another theme and what did she come up with? Hannah Montana.. all I could think was Lord help me lol

So we had a great party planned with a bounce house, hanna montana piniata and I was going to make a cake but it was predicted to rain so we moved to Chucky Cheese and go figure my cake image didn't arrive in time!

So I was left to come up with a last minute plan and I just couldn't justify $20 at walmart on a cake that had a small toy guitar on it! So I decided to attempt making cupcakes and putting them in a shape of a guitar similar to what they had done! I think they came out pretty decent seeing as I'm not very good at stuff like that lol

She absolutely LOVED it and thanked me over and over for it!

we also did goody bags and put necklaces in them for the girls and glow sticks for the boys. Hannah montana stickers for the girls and hot wheels for the boys and fun shaped sunglasses for all the kids and candy!

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