My Savings 5/24 and Speech Therapy

Tuesday, May 24, 2011 11:09 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Well Peyton had her appointment this morning with ECI (early childhood intervention) to do her evaluation and looks like she does need and qualify to have speech therapy and occupational therapy. She will start going weekly in a week. I've also left a message for her dr to see if he wants to put in a private referal as well. The good thing was she was just sligly delayed and nothing majorly severe so we think we can get her on track since we are very early on but I'm glad I got her checked out since I was so back and forth on rather she was delayed, just being stubborn, if I should listen to everyone she was fine or if I was being a hypocondriact or what.. some things she was advanced on but somet things she was delayed on. So glad we got it looked into and checked out!

Lots of great sales today!! I went to bath and body works and did their buy 3 get 2 free and then got my free item for spending over $10.. so 6 full sized items for $30!!! I got a few lotions, some bubble bath, shower gel! I heart Bath and Body Works but hate spending money like that on myself so it was a nice treat. I went 2 weeks back as part of my mothers day and got 4 at 50% off so I'm stocked now for a bit! yay!

Then I went and hit up the new Crazy 8 store. I've seen their clothes before but never been in a store. They just happened to have a $4.99 sale so I got Peyton 2 shorts and 4 shirts (3 of the are sets) for $30! I'm in love!!!

Then I went to Target to try to hit up the under $1 deals but I'm finding a lot of the suggestions on the sites are not matching up with prices here but got a few of my own deals while there. I got my free first aid bag they forgot to give me the otehr day with my purchase of 3 bandaids (yay!), 3 bags of large M&M's (hubbys snack lol), 3 bags of pretzles, 3 things of icing, 2 boxes of cake mix, clorox wipes, q tips, dryer sheets all for $15

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