My Saves 6/19/11

Sunday, June 19, 2011 4:54 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
First stop today was Target! I went to get the special going on with the batteries where you buy 16ct and get a free cars movie ticket.. only I guess I didn't see that it said buy 3 packs and get a movie ticket! BOO!! I was hoping to get batteries in which we could use and get all the tickets we needed as well!


Tide Stain Release
2 Kraft Dressings
Coffeemate Creamer
Greek Yogurt
2 Special K Kellogs Chips
2 Koolaid Mixes (the plastic tubs where you just add water)

Saved $11 spent $24

2nd Stop


2 packs of 6 double rolls of charmin
4 cans of slk shaving cream
2 packs of aa batteries
3 palmolive dish soaps
2 colgate toothepastes
2 nabisco oreo packs
6 jello packs
2 pudding snack packs
6 hunts tomato sauces
3 reynolds wraps
1 pack of fig nuetens

spent $29 saved $37 after wallgreens coupons, manufactur coupons and sales!

last stop Kmart for their double couponing event!! found a few more sales that started today and had some new match ups compared to yesterday!


2 speed deoderants
1 oxiclean spray
2 curade bandaids
10 hamburger helpers
10 big sunny d's
2 chex mixes
1 box of cereal
4 fruit snacks
5 cake mixes
5 cake frostings
2 cans of hormel chili
2 off sprays
1 coffeemate creamer
3 suckers

saved $100 after sales and coupins and spent $60

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