Wallgreens, Sears, and CVS Trip 6/27

Monday, June 27, 2011 3:35 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Got boys some new shoes since theirs were starting to get really used looking lol $40 shoes on sale for 19.99 at sears and had a 15% off coupon and as long as they still fit I can replace them for the brand new ones if they get to worn down before school starts with the kids advantage program!

Saved $12 at CVS, got 2 laundry detergants, hand cream and toothepaste for $8

My absolute best find for me was Aidan's been begging for a flat guitar and I made a deal with him if he did his chores for 2wks with out being asked or reminded he could get it. Norl I see them for $17, they had them for $14 at wallgreens and 50% so I lucked out!

So I saved $57 at wallgreens and spent $19 at wallgreens! 4 cans of pringles, 2 hair color boxes, flat band guitar, 4 chicken broths, 5 diet pepsi 12pks, batteries, 3 packs envelopes, shaver refills

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