36 Days of Summer.. Vroom Vroom!

Saturday, July 16, 2011 8:03 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Well today we enjoyed sleeping in a little for our Saturday and then me and the 3 oldest kids headed off to see the new Cars 2 Movie in 3D with the tickets I won online with one of my couponing sites! Things like that make every bit of it worth it! I enjoy that my kids get to do so much more then planned sometimes!

Hubby stayed at home with the youngest since she likes to run all around right now and wouldn't be into it. I will be glad when she can go!

I also get a weekly coupon from the theater and this weeks deal was get a small popcorn free with cookie dough bites! So mommy enjoyed her favorite candy and we had an extra popcorn for the end so we didn't have to pass back and forth so much! It still added up to about $20 with the concession though today! That makes you enjoy those free tickets even more haha

After I went over to Target to check to see if they had the pillows in stock yet and check out what they had on jeans with the most current coupon deal I got! I wound up saving $45! I got ..

3 Large Boxes of Poptarts SALE 2/$5; $1.00 off target coupon, $2 off = $1.50ea
Sharpies SALE $1, $1 off target coupon = FREE
6 Boxes of Pasta Salad SALE $1.33ea, $.50 off two coupon x 3 = $1.08ea
Kids Tennis Game SALE 75% off = $1.25
Cookie Crisp Cereal SALE $2.25(I think it was??) $.75 off coupon = $1.50
2 Pairs Jeans for Brooklyn SALE $4 (from $8), $2 off target coupon x2 = $2 ea
2 Boxes of Ziplocks $2.04ea, $1 off target coupon, $1 off = $1.00 ea
6 Summer Time Plates 75% off = $.45ea
2 4pk Summer Time Tumblers 75% off = $.45ea

Total was about $24!!! yay!

Decided to enjoy the rest of the evening in and since Bryan has been at school all week and I have been really good with eating light since I'm just cooking for me and the kids we treated ourselves to some Buffalo Wild Wings tonight which I haven't had in sooooo long and rented a movie to watch together since we haven't gotten to spend much time together this week!

Kids are having a blast on the slip'n'slide now but going to get my cuddle time as soon as Peytons worn out to go to bed!

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