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Tuesday, July 19, 2011 1:19 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
well the kids made mommy mad and lost their summer fun activity today .. should have cleaned their room! lol

How ever it wasn't a complete blow for them today! I had to go out and meet some people for some pick ups/drop offs today and while we were out we got a few things done I had wanted to do.

They got a free kids movie to watch tonight with my redbox code so they were happy about that one! So they watched Beverley Hills Chihuahua 2 tonight!

They also decided they had an old Wii came they didn't play much anymore and wanted to trade in which we haven't done in awhile so we took it in and got a really good credit for it so they wound up getting a new game completely free! They got the Bee Movie game!

Then mommy grabbed dinner on the way home with a free coupon since daddy wasn't supposed to be home till super late with school but he wound up getting home earlier and broke my "free streak" today and I had to grab him some food too lol

Just been kinda of a blah day and just here today getting a few things done. Trying to take care of the car tags that we didn't get the renewal notice on in the mail like normal and my husband got pulled over and found out they had been expired since last month! Niiiiice! Trying to get things squared away with our crappy Internet that keeps going out every day at the same time for several hours.. yeah I got blown off about that one so my husband might have to call with that "Stern" voice and get things done lol

So that's all of the excitement around here today! ha!

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