Sunday, July 31, 2011 11:09 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Been kind of MIA this week! Our internet loves to take breaks and only work for half the day but as of Thursday we have been completely with out internet all day every day! I'm so furious! We have called the techs several times and got told 3 different days they would come out and never did. Got told they did and we weren't home (when we were) and that they left a door hanger (and they didn't)
I'm sitting in my back yard bumming the internet right now and went to starbucks and enjoyed some alone time to myself and a nice peppermint mocha while getting some internet time there! UHG so frustrating! I can't print my coupons out or anything right now! I feel like it's COSTING me money lol

Nothing to exciting going on around here lately. I got some coupons in the mail this week from Bushes Baked Beans for writing them and telling them how much I liked their products!

I also got a coupon for a free bottle of pantene that I can't wait to get and a few samples this week in the mail! Makes getting mail exciting when you're getting something aside from bills!

I was very stoked that I had some girls clothes given to me to fill the sizes I was empty on for miss Peyton (my youngest) too!!

She was in the ER on Friday because we are pretty sure she had bloody stools and she has had diahrea since and been very fussy. Finally today she hasn't had any. I'm really worried about her and waiting for the stool test to come back. I hope we hear something tomorrow. I feel slightly like we got blown off when we went in. She has had several digestive problems since being born and you would think that and the fact it might be blood would be taken a lot more serious!

Thursday we had a breakfast potluck playdate here which was awesome! Lots of fun and good food! Some much much much needed adult interaction time haha

I guess that's about all for the excitement around here lately!

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