Our Visit to Oklahoma the last week!

Monday, July 4, 2011 8:36 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Our visit home to Oklahoma to see family this last week was a great one. Didn't get to see as many family members as I had hoped to see. I couldn't get a hold of a lot of the family and was very dissapointed in a lot of the family members who couldn't even take time to call and try to catch up with us while in town or even stop by. Especially given the fact that instead of us running all around town trying to visit all of the family this time I was at my moms just about the entire time so we were very easy to catch!
I've got to call the dr when they open back up from the holiday because I think my thyroid may be back off. I thought I was just over done from the trip at first but I slept most of my trip there and feel bad for it but it was also nice to get the chacne to get to catch up on the sleep and have the opportunity to do so with my mom helping. I slept around a full 8 hours every evening and then napped every day 3-4 hours and was still exhausted every day!!!
I was really excited to get to catch up with my old friend Sara who I haven't seen the last few trips and was long over due! I miss seeing and talking to her so much and her little boy is a cutie!
I also got to see one of my besties Misty while I was in town! I hoped to see her more but both of us had pretty off schedules between me being a lazy bum and her busy schedule lol Maybe that's why she divorced me? muuaaah j/k!

I got to see Bryan's parents a few times and a visit with Grandma Cleata and Bill as well as my brother Travis and sister in law.

The kids didn't want to go much of anywhere with the heat and just enjoyed the luxury of hanging out in my parents pool every day for hours at a time haha

I decided to come back early because Bryan was really wanting me to come home and was kinda down with some things going on. So I dropped the boys with my ex mother in law for her to keep a few days while in town visiting so they could see that side of the family and I'm going to meet up with her tomorrow half way between to get them back. They are really enjoying that and getting to get some time at the lake!

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