Keagan's Hospital Trip and Salmonella!

Monday, August 8, 2011 6:35 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

So this morning we get one of the results that came back from the emergency room trip with my youngest daughter almost 2 weeks ago and she tested possitive for Salmonella! I can't imagine how in the world she got it or how she did and no one else in our family did! A lot of people said maybe since she has a lower immune system which makes a lot of sense.
I am so upset right now at the hosptial because not a single person called us to tell us and we got notified by letter and by the time it go to us the office was closed and we were told by the emergency room we would be charged again to get results and had to come in for them! So we find out today almost a week after the results come in that she needs to be on antibiotics! I'm glad it didn't turn out much worse with waiting!

I'm in the hospital now with my 2nd child. He has been admitted for a few days to be on a on going EEG to test for possible seizure activity and see if it is, how bad it is or if it's something else.

He's absolutely loving it since he gets time alone with mommy, got to pick out a ton of snacks for the trip and got to visit their awesome playroom before being hooked up to the monitor!

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