Reindeer Chow

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Reindeer Chow Snack Mix
Posted by Cynthia Ewer on December 4, 2010


Looking for a last-minute stocking stuffer? It's Reindeer Chow! Sweet and crunchy, this seasonal snack mix is a favorite with kids, not just reindeer!

A simple concoction of cereals, pretzels, peanuts and M&Ms-brand seasonal candies sparked with a white chocolate coating, Reindeer Chow is a fast, last-minute snack mix recipe for holiday giving.

Package Reindeer Chow in zipper food storage bags or cellophane snack bags for an easy classroom treat or Secret Santa gift. Add a free printable gift tag with the Reindeer Chow poem to make an easy holiday gift.

For a fun and festive family gift, fill a pet dish (from the Dollar Store!) with Reindeer Chow. Inexpensive self-adhesive "foamie" letters spell out the name of your favorite reindeer!

1 pound white chocolate chips or almond bark-brand white chocolate coating
3 cup Rice Chex-brand cereal
3 cup Corn Chex-brand cereal
3 cup Cheerios-brand cereal
2 cup pretzel sticks
2 cup dry-roasted peanuts
12 ounce M&M-brand chocolate candies
10 copies printable gift tag
Slowly melt chocolate in double broiler over water. Alternately, place almond bark or white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave on high for 30-second intervals, stirring between each, until chocolate is melted.

Combine remaining ingredients in large bowl, then drizzle melted chocolate over top and mix well. Spread in a shallow layer on a cookie sheet or broiler pan.

Allow to cool completely, then package in single-serving bags or an inexpensive pet bowl.

Print 10 copies of the Reindeer Chow gift tags and attach to gift. Or, create your own tag using the poem below.

Makes 30 servings.

Use this Reindeer Chow poem to create a gift tag for your holiday gift:

When reindeer fly on Christmas night,
They work up quite an appetite!
But Mrs. Claus knows what to do,
To feed them when the flight is through.
She mixes up some Reindeer Chow.
A secret only she knows how.

With something salty, something sweet,
It’s Rudolph’s favorite reindeer treat.
Back in her kitchen at the Pole,
She heaps it high in every bowl
To welcome her returning crew.
So here’s a batch that’s just for you!

Reindeer Chow Poem Copyright © 2009 by Cynthia Ewer.

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