Low Cost Summer Fun!

Friday, June 21, 2013 11:52 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
As a mom of a family of 6 I'm always looking for some fun frugal inexpensive ways to have fun and during the summer most local towns offer a lot of things you just have to scope them out!
Our town for instance has some of the greatest following fun things to do for free or ALMOST free!
Summer Moves 3x a week in the mornings $.50 (older movies but kids don't care!)
Free Storytime at the local library
Free bowling for any local bowling alley by signing up at
Free visits to the pool for military under a certain rank or with a special unit (love that we are part of one and get a lot of free or discounted perks like this!) Or the local city pool has a little nemo pool for 5 and under that is $1 admission in the mornings!
Toddler Time at the local community center for $2 per child! This is for 5 and under and they put out a bounce house and several ride on toys and lots of fun things to do for the little ones! This is twice a week and a low cost way to have fun and get the little one out of the house and have social time!
The possibilities are really endless! I mean these are just some local things offered aside from the good old fashion type of fun like pic nics in the park, flying a kite, camping out, etc! Just something to make the kids feel like they have a special treat!
So yesterday we went into town and we went to see the $.50 movie which was Hotel Transilvania which just happened to be a movie we had not seen yet so that was REALLY a special treat for everyone! My 3yr old said "mom I'm going to a REAL movie theater???" then told me while loading her up on some popcorn that I was her best friend! lol now we go to the real movies fairly often for really good movies for the kids but she doesn't get to attend a lot because she's just now getting old enough to really be quiet! One way I cut down on cost when there is I get a combo for us all to share and use little cups to split the popcorn between all the kids so they feel like they have their own but I'm not buying $4-5 kids combos for each of them which can get very very pricey and they get less then what I'm giving them!
Once the movie was over we headed over to the pool on post with the old neighbors kids and new neighbors as well! The kids had a lot of fun spending the day out there and mamma got a little burned! I normally don't get burned but I guess mamma has been out of the sun way to long lol

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