Gingerbread Houses & Santa

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 10:29 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Last weekend we made our traditional gingerbread houses out of graham crackers! We did ours during a parents night out that I hosted so it was a lot of fun because they got to do it with several of their friends! I love that all of the kids still get into it! Even my middle schooler!

The girls also went to visit santa at the local library for their little Christmas party they did! It was a great time and they did such a wonderful job and put out so much effort! I hope they know just how thankful we are for all of their hard work! There was cookie decorating, ornament making, games, a scavenger hunt, coloring, and of course a visit with Santa who also gave each child a free book! Very thoughtful!
The girls also wrote letters to santa before hand and had santa leave them a letter back on the day of the party!!

And my husband threw of the end of the year soccer party for the team he coached and my youngest son got his trophy and certificate!

He also placed first place at his wrestling tournament this weekend! So proud of him! He was having a rough time there for awhile and not wrestling like normal because he was so sick!

So we had a wonderful weekend filled with fun!

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