Official Come End of the Week!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 8:46 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Seeing as I have absolutely no patience when it comes to waiting, we have decided to go ahead and start our homeschooling journey now rather than waiting till fall. I have wrote up my letters to with draw the kids from school and we will be an official homeschooled family come the end of the week! I'm very excited to start our journey and see how it works out for us. It may be something wonderful for us, it may be something that we can only do short term, it may not work out! But we won't know until we try!

I didn't get much done today that I wanted. I had really hoped to get to the library and print out a few things. I need to get a printer. The last one we had wasn't compatable with Vista. I had hoped to clear out some space on the craft shelves and organize things for homeschooling since we're starting the process soon but some how my day completely slipped away from me. I really am not sure where the hours went today at all and don't remember doing much other than the usual dishes, more dishes, laundry and more laundry! It seems like with a family as large as ours that I have a full sink at least once a day!

Of course the sound of summer came down our street today. It was a beautiful day out today and the kids enjoyed some time in the sprinkler and playing with the water hose with the neighbor kids. I swear they can hear that ice cream man 5 blocks away! There's just no hiding the sound when it comes..

Sometimes I think I can catch it and pull them in the house and blare some music and side track them but it's like they have dog ears and hear it before I do!

Can't beat the price of happy kids I guess!

Not much else going on tonight. It was a chili dogs, tater tot and America's Funniest Home videos type of night around here!

Mean while I guess I will start my grocerie list tomorrow. It's about that time again! I need to get back into making baby food. I've really slacked in this department the last few weeks.

We just recently started Miss Peyton on some baby food a few weeks ago. Mostly cereal.

If you haven't made your own baby food before and are looking to cut your budget some, this is a great way to do so! You get so much more for your money and it's by far a healthier option for baby as well!

Some great tips on how to start up, store, and even some great recipes can be found here!

of course I'm also hoping to get back into better planning with meals as I've slacked on that some lately too with how I've been feeling. We've been so quick to eat out and grab fast food which is a nice quick fix but definatly puts a stress on the budget with a larger family and isn't making me loose weight any faster for sure!

Here is a great weekly meal planner if you don't yet have one also!

Well, off to spend some time with the hubby and watch a little bit of tv together for the night!

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  1. Nana' Says:

    Ok, this was totally funny. The pictures of them swarming the ice-cream truck, then sitting on the curb eating it - just seems like it should have been out of Norman Rockwell or at least on a card - your dad and I really got the laughs out of it. You put it so well!

  2. Nana' Says:

    By the way, I downloaded the planner. I used to post one on the fridge, and your dad loved to go look and see what he needed to make his stomach hungry for.

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