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Monday, April 26, 2010 6:36 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

I've decided that since transferring over to facebook from myspace and closing my myspace account that one thing I truly miss is my blogging experience. I have to have somewhere to clear my daily thoughts, experiences, and just over all clear my head! So I figured I'd start up the blogging experience again!

When you're a stay at home mom to 4 kids, or any number of kids, sometimes you need just that! A place to clear your head and feel like you got a little bit of adult time and maybe even a little adult communication!

Today was the start of a new week. Monday is always a boring day it seems around here. The same daily tasks only there seems to be more of it after the weekend fun of course.

Start the dishes, finish the dishes, start the laundry, hoping no one notices that the buzzer on the dryer went off and that it can sit in there a little while before the next load before I have to do the dreadfully unthinkable.. folding it! I'm pretty OCD and I love to clean and organize but when it comes to folding laundry.. you couldn't pay me enough to fold it! I will put that off for days sometimes. I've been trying to make myself fold it the day of and just get it out of the way and over with instead of it sitting. But with a family of 6, I could wash and fold laundry seriously once a day! It's never ending around here!

My oldest daughter Brooklyn came to me today dressed as a beautiful princess and tells me "I can do hop scotch mom, want to see" as she jumped across the rug pretending to do hop scotch and then suddenly stopped and very dramatic as she always is.. starts to sulk and says "I can't do hop scotch.. I just can't.. can you make me a hop scotch"

It was definitely a beautiful day this afternoon and I decided that dishes and laundry could do just that.. wait! I'd go enjoy the day outside with my girls today and I'm glad I did so because a storm came brewing in around 4pm and ruined all of the fun!

So we went outside and I drew her a hop scotch out of chalk and she hopped around happily as the other one sat in her walker enjoying some fresh air. But we needed a friend to play so we had to include Dora (though mom's dora looked like she was having a bad hair day lol)

Of course we couldn't forget to enjoy some pretend cheeseburgers and fries through her playhouse too!

I went over to the neighbors house and chatted with her for awhile and the girls played together. She is moving in the fall and I'm going to be sad if I stick around in housing because she is one of the few I've really hung out with and chatted with the most.

It was getting near time for the bus to come and drop off my youngest son so I took my daughter and her daughter back to the house and let them play together and keep each other company with dress up, Popsicles and cookies while I got my house work done. I managed to get the dishes done, laundry all washed and folded, cloth diapers washed and dried for the day, and did some research for possible places to stay and where we'd like to visit while in San Antonio this weekend for the boys wrestling tournament. Think I finally made up my mind on where we are going to stay. Just
hope that I truly feel up to it.

After a change in the dosage for my thyroid meds, I did start to feel better but still not enough. I started my heart medication on Friday. I can already feel it working and the weird thing is after having my heart racing for so long it almost feels weird to have my heart beat regular. Some days I feel completely fine if I'm at home. Others it will come out of nowhere. I'm still very tired and anxious right now but if it can at least take care of the racing heart, chest pains, some of the major things that are making me lack being able to be truly functional to my old self.. I will be happy. I've been able to enjoy the kids at home, get things done around the house that need to be done every day but I truly miss being my old social self that once attended story time once a week, playgroup a few time
s a week, or anything I could find to keep me busy. You could never keep me home! But at the same time I hate to say that I think in a way my positive out look on this has been maybe it's God's way of telling me to slow down? Enjoy the little things in life more that I might have been taking for granted? Enjoy life more! So I can't say that I truly want to go back to my completely old self but I don't want to feel like I can't do things when I want to do them. I seem to function fine for the most part when I'm out with my husband and him by my side so that I have him for comfort but he will soon be gone and I will be alone for a year again and I need to get past this before then.

I'm still waiting on the hospital to receive my referral for surgery. It's approved through tricare, they just have to receive it and call me and book the surgery. I pray once it's over and done with that I will adjust more to my old self. But I can't help but still fear what will still remain.

But enough of that, there's not much more I can do about it now aside from sit and wait like I have been the last 2yrs for someone to do something. At least I finally have proper medication and have seen the specialist rather than being completely on the back burner not knowing anything and that is something! That is a step!

Wow, where did the time go? I swore it was just 6:00pm and now it's 7:00pm? The boys will be home from wrestling soon with their dad so I better get started on dinner! Tonight we're eating Beef Enchiladas, Spanish Rice, and Re fried Beans! One of my husbands favorites! Now what we're doing about desert I'm not quit sure because the Fudge Crinkles I baked last night for desert have been completely some how wiped out by 4 little kids, their friends and myself haha

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes!
1lbs ground beef
1 small onion chopped
1 small can of enchilada sauce
10 flower tortillas
1 small jar of queso
1 small can of sliced black olives (if desired)
Brown beef and onion in skillet while oven heats till light brown.
Remove from heat and drain. Add a small amount of enchilada sauce
to cover meat.
Cover baking dish with a thin layer of enchilada sauce.
Add about a spoon full of meat mixture to flour tortilla, roll shut, place
seemed side down in baking dish.
After all the enchiladas are lined up, drizzle remaining enchilada sauce
across the top. Drop spoon fulls of queso sauce across the tops of
enchiladas, then spread evenly.
Place in oven, uncovered and bake for 20 minutes!

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    I saved this recipe, is it one you have made before?

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    Wow that was long! lol I miss reading your blogs though, so this is great!

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