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Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!! Today we had a playgroup lunch at Rosa's to celebrate. It wound up just being me and my friend Kim but some nice outing time for the kids and we hit up story time after! We haven't made it to story time in a few weeks and haven't made it as much the last year as I would've liked. We used to go weekly but didn't get to make it when I was on bed rest or after Peyton was born as much as I had hoped. We tried to start going to the evening one because the boys were sad they were missing out but it's right during wrestling practice so it never seems to work out!

So the kids were excited to get to go today but Keagan was having a bit of a melt down and not wanting to go at all but got over it once story time was over and we all picked out books. Each kid got 2 books to read from the library, picked out a movie and a CD to listen to as part of our music lesson this week!

They made Mother's Day cards for their crafts there this week!

We managed to get out and get some much much needed hair cuts for the boys while out too! With summer time approaching fast I really try to stay on top of it because it gets so hot!

We had a quiet night because Bryan had to work late getting some stuff ready for the ball tonight which we unfortunately can't attend because it's clear in Austin and that would be to long to be getting away from Peyton just yet. If it were in town we could maybe get by with leaving her 2-3 hours.

So he didn't get home till about 11:00pm last night! So I did some spring cleaning of the closets and the kids played outside in their toy mustang and in the water with their neighborhood friends and we had a salad and lasagna night!

We got to have some fun at the park last night though with daddy so it evened out!
My Boys are obsessed with collecting frogs around the neighborhood and built little obstacles last night for the frog to have a little frog race lol They are definitely all boy!

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