I heart garage sales!

Saturday, May 1, 2010 11:44 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
There's nothing like a good Saturday spent finding great deals, garage sale hopping and good times with friends!

I woke up this morning earlier then I normally do on a Saturday unless I set my alarm and planned to go garage sale hopping. So I decided since I was up I would go check out the village wide garage sale in one of the villages on post. Last time I went it was a pretty good turn out and I found a lot of cute baby things for friends of mine that were due that I couldn't pass up. This time I think I found a good hand full of garage sales! I was very disappointed! But none the less I still found a few good deals!

The best deal I found was the first garage sale I asked this lady how much she wanted for some of her boy toys because I spotted some dinosaurs and such the boys would love and she asked me if I wanted to take it all. I'm thinking why yes, my boys so need 5 buckets full of imaginex dinosaurs, ships, and other accessories! I said well depends on how much you want for them? She said $5 for them all and of course my response was as much as I truly don't need that I can't pass up a deal like that and I know how excited my boys will be! And they are just that! I think they have been playing with them for about 5 hours now at the kitchen table!

I found a few outfits for Peyton this winter and a few outfits for Brooklyn when she goes into the next size. It's getting so hard to find good used boy items anymore! I hate that you can't find anything past the first few years because boys are so rough on their clothes it's hard to find anything that anyone has left that hasn't been torn to pieces or is even worth putting on my child. That is one thing I'm very picky on is the clothes my kids wear and how they look! I take big pride in how they look and have fun dressing them. It doesn't have to be name brand but we do have our own styles. I'm not apposed to hand me downs at all or used and in fact I love them! I won't be picky if things are handed down to me because I'm grateful for those clothes, especially when it comes to boys and when it comes to having four kids. If it's not something that was my taste I might use it for more play clothes but most of my friends all have very good taste anyways so I have yet to see some hideous clothes handed down to me haha But if I'm going to buy them then we have a style we usually go for. But I can find so many cute things for little girls! They always wind up with way to many clothes and sadly some of them I think they wear the life out of them because they are our favorites but most of them they only wear a hand full of times! Brooklyn gets more wear of course but Peyton especially doesn't get much wear out of some of her clothes! But I'm definitely going to have to start accepting that my garage sale days when it comes to clothes have come to an end when it comes to the boys and is about to come to an end with one of the girls and start learning to shop better sales or outlets!

The last garage sale I hit up I found some home school curriculum's for prek, kinder, flash cards, dry erase boards for practice, a few different home school items and a few baby toys as well. They were Bob Jones which is a pretty good curriculum but not sure if that's a route I'm going or not but I definitely didn't want to pass up a good deal and figured I'd jump on it and take some time at home to over look it for next year and then decide if I wanted to use it along with what I already had chosen for next year as well.

A great link for those homeschooling and not homeschooling if you are starting your journey to teaching your little ones how to read or wanting something for them to practice on.. this link was passed on to me the other day and thought I would share!


I met up with two friends after my garage sale adventures this morning at the food court on post and had lunch with them and let the kids run out some much needed energy. One of them was a friend who used to live in housing here and has recently moved so I don't get to see her very much lately with some recent changes and I miss getting to see and chat with her and the kids are missing each other since they were in the same class! My husband however I think was a little bored out of his mind with all of the girl chat today but he's a trooper and that is one thing I love about that man is he never ever fails me with spending time with me. If he's off he goes with me even if winds up being the only man there with a ton of women. He would rather spend that time being the only man there and get to spend time with me and his children over spending it at home alone with out us and I adore him for that! He may have his moments where I want to strangle him.. like when it came to me telling him several times to take out the trash today and he didn't so I finally walked over and shut his xbox off and he quickly got up and took it out then.. but for the most part he's pretty awesome and I love him!

I was excited to finally get the kids new pool up today when we got home since it was beautiful out today and didn't rain but to our surprise it was taking forever to fill up and I finally noticed there was a nice big slit on the side of our brand new pool! I also noticed there was a return receipt from where it had been taken back before us! I was so upset but thankfully walmart didn't give us any problems with bringing it in and returning it. So I did that tonight and I was going to exchange it out rather than return it till I realized from the time I walked from my car to the customer service desk I had miss placed my cell phone!! I walked back and forth about three times trying to see if I could find it and no such luck! So I returned the pool and made a quick deposit at the bank next door and left to pick up our Chinese food and head home in case Bryan needed to get a hold of me. Plus he doesn't like me being out with out my cell phone in case something were to happen to me.

I come home and was almost ready to cry when he comes out laughing and asks me if I had forgotten something! So to my surprise I was very happy to hear that it was found and I'll be getting it back tomorrow but until then I'm lost with out my side kick haha

We enjoyed some Chinese take out for dinner and finally watched It's Complicated since I got sick right after we started it last night and it was absolutely hilarious!! A much needed good laugh over some yummy Chinese food! A perfect Saturday night!

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