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Wednesday, June 16, 2010 8:40 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Wow it's been to long since I've last blogged! I've had a lot going on. First we had some problems with the dr back in Oklahoma who pulled me off of my heart medication as he felt that it was best and that I didn't need it. I didn't feel comfortable with this at all and sure enough after two missed doses I was in the hospital and the dr in the ER was very upset I was pulled off it and told me to follow up with my dr and show him the report and that I should remain on it.
I found out I should be on the EFMP program (exceptional family member) through the military and went back to get the paper work filled out and show my dr the reports and the dr said he wouldn't refill my heart medication as he didn't feel I needed to be on it and wouldn't put anything on my EFMP paper work for it because he felt it was "all in my head" real nice dr! So I filed a complaint!
Then we found out there's a chance my husband might be placed on Rear D so that he won't deploy until things are stabalized with me. So between finding out that, the stuff going on with the dr and finding out there wasn't a surgeon back home till at least fall since the fill in surgeon didn't get her orders approved then we decide dit was best for me to come back home when he came home from training and switch to tricare standard where we pay a small co pay but don't have to wait on approvals or referals which was the big hold up the last two years in Texas. So we did just that and I came back to Texas June 4th and switched my to tricare standard. By the time they recieved the paper work and everything it went into effect last Thursday and a few days later I had my appointment booked with the surgeon! Wow if only we had known it was going to be that easy we would've just done that two years ago! What a mess!
So I will have my consult with the surgeon on the 25th and hopefully surgery not to long after and hopefully we hear for soon on my husband.
The good thing is I've been feeling a lot better the last few weeks and actually gotten out every day since being back and been able to manage my attacks a little better.

We've been spending a lot of time at the pool and going almost every day there too. Yesterday we had a playdate at one on post that I've never gotten around to checking out.. kinda sad after living here 3yrs but we always frequent the same two pools. One being in our village. But this one is really neat and has a cute frog slide! The kids really enjoyed it!

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