Pillow Case Dresses

Thursday, June 3, 2010 7:44 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Awhile back I started to learn how to sew but I had some problems arise with the machine and learning the things I wanted. A good friend of mine Kelly had sat down with me to show me how to do a basic stitch but the biggest problem was Brooklyn was only a few months old and a very very needy baby which was not a good combination!
I had to give up a few things such as making hair bows again. I had taken that back on hoping to make bows for her but as anyone knows, it's hard to do something with a very needy baby.

I've had the itch lately and really really wanted to learn how to do some things for the girls again. A few friends had mentioned interest in pillow case dresses as well.

I've been nagging my mom for some time to show me how to make them and let me get on her sewing machine and finally she did! You know the mother daughter bonding moment you all wait for .. but of course my mom didn't see it that way. She thought it'd be a mess trying to teach me and I'd be to stubborn or she wouldn't be a good teacher lol

Finally she made some templates for me and sat down and showed me how to make one! It was really simple and after seeing just how simple it was I'm mad at myself for not learning sooner!

So I made my youngest daughter Peyton a pink John Deer Pillow Case dress today with a matching hair clippy! I can't wait to play around more and make my oldest daughter something!

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