Father's Day at the Ball Park!

Monday, June 21, 2010 12:16 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

I think my husband had a pretty good Father's Day! I wasn't sure what to get him as the few hobbies he has are things like tinkering with his car but he wouldn't want me to get anything for his car because he's very picky about what goes on his car or in it.. or things related to sports or new clothes. I'm tired of getting him the same stuff all of the time so first I agreed to letting him get a new truck and then he mentioned he wanted some Tap Out license plate covers for his truck and I told him no but snuck out to get them while he was sleeping and gave them to him from me and the kids for Father's Day!

Then we decided last minute to go to a baseball game up in Round Rock and scored some tickets off craigslist for a really good price on the front row!

After the game the kids got to go out on the field and run all the bases so they thought that was really super neat! They also gave each kid a free glove but were out of them when we got there so we got a rain check for later.

Bryan tried to catch a ball when it came our way over the rail and almost fell on the field and didn't manage to catch it and is hurting bad for nothing lol Poor guy!

But all in all I think he had a wonderful Father's Day!

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