Life Jackets Are Not Allowed

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 12:01 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
So this morning me and the kids woke up and went to our coffee playdate only to find out that the play area was closed for cleaning and we didn't see anyone there. We were running a little late anyways. The kids were upset that the play area was closed but I promised to make it up to them.

Got some stuff done and made some runs around town that they found oh so boring as usual.. like the post office.

So we planned a day at the local water park that we hadn't yet checked out. How ever, we didn't know this was going to be an eventful day of dissapointment!

We went into the local water park where we paid for our tickets. Both of my two middle children wearing their life jackets as we came in.

As you can see there is a sign with the water park rules, but it does not state anywhere on the signs posted that they are not allowed to enter with a life jacket on. I was also not told by the cashier that they could not wear their life jackets.

I paid and entered into the water park behind the brick wall and passed a table with two teenagers who worked there behind the brick wall where I had paid and could not visably view when paying.

I was stopped by one of the teens after entering into the water park and told that they were not allowed to wear their life jackets.

I brought up the fact that the sign on the table said flotation devices and that I'd like to speak to a manager because what person with any common sense wouldn't allow a life jacket?

I spoke to the water park manager who then informed me the rule was because so many parents bring their children out in life jackets and don't watch them and use the life jacket as a babysitter and that she wasn't saying I would do that but this was the reason why. I said I understand but I still thought it was a completely unreasonable rule when they make life jackets for the safety of young children or people who can not swim and that I felt uncomfortable them not having them on especially with me being on my own with them and my husband not there. She reassured me the park was very shallow and they would have no reason for them anyways.

So I go on and all three of my kids jump in the wading area about 1ft deep with their friends and friends parents and as I'm getting the baby out of the stroller and getting into the pool I see a life gaurd with my daughter not even 5 minutes after entering into the park!

I said I'm right here and thought maybe she thought she was lost and she got an attitude with me about how I should watch my child and how she was drowning and she had to save her. So I then replied with "Well if my child could wear a life jacket she wouldn't have been drowning already"

I could tell this was going to be an awful experience so I decided to load the kids up and go ask for a refund which I figured I would get a hassle from being that the sign said no refunds but thought given the circumstance surely they would be understanding. But oh was I wrong! The manager told me she wouldn't give me a refund as the sign states no refunds. I told her then if she wouldn't give me a refund I was going to put the life jacket on my child and go back and get my moneys worth. She then told me she would have me removed from the park if I used a life jacket!

So I then asked her to get me the number to her supervisor and contacted the Killeen Parks and Recreation manager who I told what I encountered and she then personally came down to the water park and issued me a refund and apologized but went on to tell me it was some insurance policy that they had in Texas. I said if that was the case why do I not see this policy at any of the other pools we have been to and why do most water parks encourage life jackets and either rent them out or give them to you free of use?

I told her I was very upset with my experience and would never return and would never recommend them to anyone military as it wasn't friendly to those who have deployed spouses and children on their own. It wasn't friendly to toddlers and I wouldn't recommend it to the playgroup. And most of all it wasn't handicap friendly as my special needs son could not wear his life jacket and what if a child more severe off then him needed one? For all I know he could need one till he was 10yrs old!

So I contacted the news channel and the local paper and I'm hoping they do a story on it and how they are causing a safety hazard by not allowing life jackets!

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