LIfe in September!

Friday, October 1, 2010 11:39 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Wow where has the time gone? I really haven't had time to blog since school started! The last month has been so crazy busy! A few days after school started my husband deployed and we started our journey to the being alone the next year. So we thought anyways. Things were going pretty well like every other deployment and I was managing fine and even managing with my health okay. I was praying I'd just get through this year but really worried that at any moment things could turn around for the worste. I had one of my normal attacks that I have about a week after he left but managed to get it under controle and I had the heart monitor on and was hoping to catch things on it but go figure that the day I have my big attack that the monitor stops working and I had to go swap it out! Really? Of all the luck! I wound up feeling up to going home to visit for Labor Day weekend. I hadn't been home to visit in 3 months so I needed to get home and let everyone see these babies! Especially with Peyton being so young, you know the first two years of life they just change so much every month. Last time I was home she was just starting to crawl and now she's walking around furniture and trying to take steps! I was afraid if I waited we'd go from barely crawling to walking and it be a drastic change!
So we had a nice visit home and saw almost all of the family! Definatly needed the trip! Things went well the next week and my appointment with Cardiology and my Dr went well on the Friday after and Sunday morning things turned out for the worste. I had another attack just like normal. Only it felt a little different. I wound up going by ambulance with occasionally I have to, especially being alone. This time was so bad they gave me 3 shots of nitro to open my heart chambers, meds through my IV twice, hooked me up to oxygen for 2 days and addmitted me to the hospital. They ran a few test and wanted to run more but since I started to feel better I asked to do the rest out patient because I needed to be home with the kids and we weren't sure at the moment what was going to go on with the red cross. My husband was sent home by the end of the week on emergency leave and is home now and will be home for at least another month or so. I've been placed back on the heart monitor, had my meds doubled and are going from there. I wound up making another trip to the ER a few days after he got home but since things seem more stable on the new dose of meds. My blood pressure had been spiking very high and it's been stable since. I'm just so tired of not knowing anything. We did finally get a diagnoses of Tachycardia and cardiac arrithymia we just don't know what type of arrithymia is causing the attacks and trying to get a hold on it. So that's the not so fun stuff going on around here.. nothing really new. Same stuff, different day. Only worse at one point and better at another.

The boys are having a blast back in school. Keagan goes back and forth and really wants to stay homeshooled but I think he should go with the older one going too. He's been doing really well though and doing accelerated reading program and making 100 on every test! I'm super proud of him! She said he's one of the brightest kids in the class!
Aidan loves being back in school and wouldn't have it any other way. He can't wait to go every day lol They both just started back up their wrestling season this week so they are excited about that. They will be doing their tournaments here soon.

Brookklyn is still doing dance but dropped gymnastics since she is old enough now to do cheerleading and was dying to do cheerleading instead. She's been in it a few weeks with her best friend Lizzy and absolutely loves it so far! I'm officially a cheer mom haha

Peyton is an absolute mess! That girl is so obnoxious lol she loves to pull out everything and laugh and say "no no", is trying to walk, says about 5 words now and eats soooo much!! She is always eating! She still has no teeth but eating so many finger foods. However she is still underweight and dropped from 5% to 2% so we are now having to go every 2 weeks for checks rather than every 2 months and may be getting referred to a specialist. I know some are like oh she'll be fine, oh the drs make to much of a fuss but since I had the complications I did in my pregnancy we had to check her growth montly in the womb and knew this could be a potential problem and had to watch it closely so we have to stay on top of it. She could've been effected by solely just the few weeks the hospital didn't get my treatment right here! Thank heavens I got switched drs! And it's not the fact she's tiny but that she's loosing as well. The dr isn't to concerned since all my kids are tiny, she's doing great developementally, on the move so much and eats so much but still gotta watch it. She of course is still breastfeeding strong. I'm so proud that we made it through all we have with me and surgery! I can't believe she is almost 10 months old. It makes me sad my last baby is so big!

I've also been really busy with my business and getting some outfits made up for a few models that I have doing a local photo shoot for me here in town with a photographer I partnered up with. I'm very excited and can't wait to see how it all turns out!!

Well I guess that's about all of the fun updates right now.. I need to go get this room cleared out for the boys new bed that's being delivered here in a few! They are getting a loft bed and we got rid of the cool racecar bed. Time for big boy furniture!

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