Keagan is 6yrs Old!

Friday, March 25, 2011 2:30 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

wow where has the time gone? My babies grow up way to fast on me! Before I know it they've gone from being in my belly to going to school to being their own person!

I can't believe my little Keagan is 6yrs old now! He has really changed so much and over come some major obsticles! From being born and having many problems with delays, speech, trouble eating and us searching for many answers to just find out simply what was wrong with our baby and get him the right help..

Finally at the age of 3yrs he was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism. This was a bit of an emotional roller coaster and a sad thing for us but also a huge sigh of relief because it meant help! It meant answers!

He started getting speech therapy from the school but they wouldn't give him anymore more. I fought for 9 months to get him more help in fear he might regress or fail in school or never be normal.

with a lot of help and support from great friends and family (and finding out who my true friends were during this) we finally 9 months later got the right IEP for Keagan and he was started in early special education here in Texas. He started PPCD at the age of 3yrs. He did speech therapy in school, had a private aid, had other therapies done, did speech outside of school and went to ABA therapy 4x a week as well.

Before we knew it Keagan went from the 3yr old who was just learning to babble to a year later carrying on the biggest conversations and suddenly very very out spoken! He still had some quirks such as not liking to be touched, scensory issues, not being very well with crowds, making friends at school, etc.

Now at 6yrs old he wrestles and has no problems with being touched when in situations like that! Has best friends and is very popular with his classmates!
He has also recently been selected to participate in the TAG program for gifted and talented children! They offered to put him in an advanced class when he was chosen to finish the year rather than waiting till next year but we felt it was best not to throw off his routine so he is finishing out with his class now and will do TAG next year! We are very very proud of him and excited for him!

He has just become such an amazing little boy and amazes me with how far he has come and the fight he has had to not just be normal but to be exceptional!

I love you Keagan! You really have given us all a better meaning to life and opened our eyes in areas we never had before!

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