1st day at the pool of the summer!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011 9:48 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

This was Peytons first year actually getting to play in the pool by herself! Last year she was just barely starting to crawl and this year she's running around and getting to enjoy everything!

We get to go on post for free but it's a bit of a drive and there is a pool down the street from us that is only $60 for our whole family to go for the summer. I figured as often as we like to go it was more cost efficient to just get the pass. Plus I really really love there is shade everywhere so you're not just sitting in the heat and the entire baby area is shaded so they don't get burnt. It also is only a few inches deep so a lot more shallow then on post and makes me more comfortable for daily use.

She was really edgy about the water still. She loves baths and loves to jump in and wants to go to the water but freaks when she gets there. She also HATES being sprayed or splashed!

After we were done we went over to the church park out reach day and the kids had fun playing in the bounce houses, rock climbing, getting in the dunking booth and getting some shaved ice! mmmmm

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