June 5th Shopping Trip!

Sunday, June 5, 2011 10:23 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
I said I was going to take a break this week since we didn't really need anything till I saw my detergant was on sale plus a coupon and then Bryans razor.. so I wound up shopping lol here's my deals!
2 Gillette shaving gels, 2 Gilette Deoderants, 4 Gillette Body Washes, 1 Fusion Gillette Shavor, 12 proteine bars (kids use ...them for sports), 3 chex mixes, 4 All detergants, 2 colgate toothe brushes for a total of $40 with a savings of $81 after coupons and registry rewards!!

2 Fusion Gillette Shaver, 1 Venus Shaver, A1 sauce, 2 Kraft Macaroni and cheese Shells, 2 Disney vitimans, 1 nexcare bandages all for $29 with a savings of $26 after coupons and target gift cards given during purchase.

Chilrens Place 15% off coupon

Barns and Noble 20% off coupon

HEB $41 with a savings of $40!!

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