41 Days Left Of Summer.. Sllllllllurrrrrrppppp!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011 7:58 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

Lots of fun stuff here today!!

First Peyton had therapy this morning which went really well and she even went pee pee in her potty twice while they were here! They were really impressed with that! Hopefully she will prove to be like her siblings and be potty trained at 2yrs too lol

Then we headed off to 7-11 to get our free slurpees for 7-11's birthday celebration! The kids loved that the best of course! I didn't wind up getting one but my husband said he went to get one on his break haha

Then since the park was just around the corner from where we had to go to get to one I decided to take the kids to play for a bit. It was of course blazing hot and I knew it would be so I didn't plan to stay long but they've been wanting to go to the park so bad! Of course as kids they didn't seem to care much about the heat and played and played and played! The only part that bothered them was the slide lol

When we got done we headed over to Target to use our $2 off coupon for the pillows to get them $.50 each but they were all out! BOO! But I did pick up another pack of pens with another coupon for $35!

After that we headed over to Walmart because I had to pick up some milk and we got our gerber meal for $.33 after our coupon! I totally forgot I had gone there for my milk to get free shavers because I normally try to avoid Walmart lol The kids enjoyed their free cookie there of course too!

Then mommy grabbed a free chickfila sandwhich for lunch to enjoy all alone during nap time!

Spent the rest of the day catching up on the house and laundry and got some stuff together to donate to the local shelter and took a nice long nap! Cooking some lasagna for dinner! Mmmmm mmmmm!!!

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