7/10 Savings

Sunday, July 10, 2011 10:49 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
My coupon/deals yesterday! Went to Target to get my free sharpies and pens and see if they had any $.20 glue sticks left. Wound up with this..

4 12pk pepsis for $11
colgate toothe paste $1.25 (after 2 coupons)
wet ones $.75 (after coupon)
9 Notebooks $.20ea
2 packs Wooden Pencils $.97ea
White Out $1.94
Perm Markers FREE (after coupon)
Ballpoint Pens $.39 (after coupon)
12 Glue Sticks $.20ea
10 Liquid Glues $.20ea
4 Crayons $.20ea
Large Glue Sticks $2.89
Filler Paper $.75
Fuler $.50
Tape $.89
2 Bags of Sour Patch Kids $1.99 (one was free after 2 coupons)

Spent $33!! Says total Saved was roughly $45!

Then I took back the school supplies I got at Office Depot that I found on Sale and got back $36 so I saved about $26 on school supplies all together and that brings my total down to $42 for all 3 kids (not including back packs)!

Then I went to Staples and I got 2 packs of paper $.25 after rebate and 2 packs of $.01 pens and 2 $.01 glues!

And I had lunch for free with a coupon at Rosas (paid for a margarita lol) while I enjoyed clipping coupons in peace lol

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