45 Days Left of Summer..

Thursday, July 7, 2011 9:41 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Well today started out with a dietitian appointment with ECI. I was a little concerned Peyton might have lost some weight since she didn't eat like her normal self when we were visiting Oklahoma but thankfully she was still at the same weight! They have put in an order for WIC to provide her with pedisure 3x a day to help hopefully with some of her weight gain since she has the diagnosis of failure to thrive.

Then we had Keagan's appointment with the nuero finally after waiting 3 months to get in! Wonderful wonderful dr! She seemed very concerned, was encouraging of me doing research at home and said if I ever read something and notice that dongs with me to feel free to email her if I have a question on it and was sorry that I felt I got the run around when going in and out of the ER and waiting to be seen with them and that if she had known she could've at least offered some reassuring advice or something. She agreed it did sound like possible seizures and wants to have him admitted to the hospital for 3 nights to observe him on an on going EEG and video. We will probably do that somewhere around the first week of August because Bryan is about to head to WLC and he wants to be present for it and she's also going on a week long vacation so even if we did it before we wouldn't be able to get the results till she comes back anyways. So hopefully once we do this, even if it's not seizures it should give us a lead on why he's having the horrible migraines and throwing up and get something set up to help him out!

Today the kids pulled "Family Game Night" from the "Summer Fun" jar! So we got out our new Mouse Trap game that we got for Keagan's birthday and completely forgot about and hadn't played the last few times. Set that up and got to play a new game! I'm not a fan of the newer version at all and neither is Bryan. We like the old one the best lol

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