44 Days of Summer..Save the Cows!

Friday, July 8, 2011 7:38 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva

We started out our day today with a little appreciation for cows! Chickfila had their annual "Cow Appreciation Day" which we've never done before because we didn't have anything to wear and then I decided we'd get creative today and had a few things at home we could do so with so it would be cost efficient to do so! Plus it gave the kids a little something to do with their day and they got even more excited about the event knowing what they were doing!
So we got some old white shirts we had at home, got out the markers and decorated shirts for all of us to wear that had cows on them and said something funny.
The kids colored their face and spots on their legs and arms and wore some pants to match.

You got either a free entree or free meal based on your costume and how much you dressed up.
All 4 kids got free kids meals and I got a free meal! Nothing like going to eat somewhere and hearing your total is $0!!
The kids had a lot of fun, took lots of pictures and enjoyed seeing the people that came in dressed up!

After we had our lunch we came home and the kids pulled out "Scavenger Hunt" out of the "Summer Fun" jar! So I put together a little scavenger hunt for them to have fun with!

In the first picture they found something red, 2nd picture they had to find a flag, and the last was the end to it all where they had to find their prizes! That of course was their favorite part and a little inexpensive hot wheels and necklace to add a little extra fun to it!

Today is also their day that they get to pull something out of the "Naughty or Nice Jars" if anything is left to see what they are rewarded with for being good! They pulled out "Pizza Night" so we got pizza from Little Caesars to end the evening!

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