30 Days of Meals for Under $100???!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2015 11:24 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
So being on the freezer meal kick has saved me a ton of money because I'm meal prepping a lot more in advance and using a lot more pantry items all at once on more then one meal that save! A few people have asked how I'm doing my budget so low and I wanted to give an example of what I did this month! This is my meal plan but not in the order of what we eat them of course. I just make the plan and it's what we are in the mood for. We do a few "Fend For Yourself" Nights which have been a wonderful thing for me and started when I returned to work about 2yrs ago and was so busy and so tired that some nights it was nice to just have a night off and fend for yourself rather than spending on eating out or getting junk food so much. We were bad about eating out a lot when I worked as we are during sports season. Which is a huge reason why I picked up the freezer meals! I loved loved loved crock pot meals because they were easy for those nights to have it ready when coming in late but I needed a change of pace and a variety! So a lot of these meals below I made with a lot of things I already had at home. I also use a lot of coupons too and break my meat down in smaller portions and use more "filler" items to cut on cost too.

Because I use a lot of coupons and I stock pile so I can only buy items when on sale or with coupons most all of these meals cost me roughtly $3 a meal! So it was more roughly about $75 but we will say under $100 to give or take some!

Fend for yourself nights are simply just that! You find what's in the house that you can cook and that's what you get! It might be as simple as chicken nuggets or pasta that night! The only night that didn't count was our eat out night of course! And Pizza is not an eat out night it's Dijornios with coupons lol

Most of these recipes have been posted and you can find them by searching in the search area on the right. If not ask me about it and I will post it!

1) Deluxe Chicken Casserole
2) Lasagna & Salad
3) Burritos & Rice
4) Steak Stir Fry On Rice
5) Chicken & Dumpling Stew
6) Lemon Pepper Chicken & Veggies
7) Spaghetti & Salad
8) Taco Bowls & Beans
9) Fajita Chicken Bake
10) Parmesan Crusted Chicken & Rice
11) Chicken & Tomato Pasta & Salad
12) Crock Pot BBQ Chicken & Veggies
13) Pizza Casserole
14) Teriyaki Chicken On Rice
15) Creamy Pasta Bake
16) Chili Mac
17) Chili
18) Pizza
19) Teriyaki Chicken On Rice
20) Creamy Pasta Bake
21) Chili Mac
22) Lasagna Roll Ups
23) Chicken Fried Chicken Patties & Rice
24) Chicken & Dumpling Stew
25) Burritos & Beans
26) Eat Out - Date Night
27) Chili Cheese Dogs & Fries
28) Fend For Yourself Night
29) Fend For Yourself Night
30) Fend For Yourself Night

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