We're Made Of Slime And Pooping Out Babies!!!!?????

Sunday, January 11, 2015 10:47 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Well this has been one fun interesting week for school needless to say! lol My husband even came home one day and had a nice BIG WTH are you teaching my 5yr old moment when she walked up to him and said "Today mommy showed us lots of no no spots and people pooping out babies!!!"

I had to explain that we were learning about women having larger pelvic areas and they said so they could have babies and she didn't understand because I was not able to have my babies the right way and they were cut from my stomach via c section and she thought I was lying that babies were delivered the other way so we watched a nice educational video lol I never had to explain this to the other two because TLC's baby story did that for me all on it's own and I walked in on them with their mouths dropped in front of the tv! They also went to all of my prenatal appointments so nothing was ever kept hidden. It's a fact of life! lol

Her art work for science this week..

So to top it off my 2nd grader then proceeds to tell my husband later that evening about how we are made of slime and our bodies are full of it! Of course this is not at all what I said but that's what the 2nd grader took from it and I got another mouth dropping reaction from my husband! What I said when we were learning about the digestive system was "Well, the inside walls of your stomach are covered in a thick layer of mucus and This mucus protects the walls of your stomach from the acid."

And to end my week up she proceeded to tell me while picking up a few things at the grocery story tonight really loud after coming out of the bathroom at Walmart "Mom!!!! My pee's the right color yellow because I drank all this water at the babysitters last night!!!" Gold help me.. lol

On the lighter side of things one of their art projects this week was getting to make little cupcakes and paint them with a really neat craft kit my youngest got for her birthday! They had so much fun with that and she was very excited to share it with her sister! I love when they get neat little stuff like that for their birthday!

I had an exciting weekend as well and was very anxious to weight in this weekend and see how I have been doing since trying to get back on track with the start of the New Year (isn't that when we all do it? lol ) I've been doing really good with exercising and calorie counting and I'm down 3lbs and 3 inches on my waist!!! So excited!! I don't ever expect to be super skinny again but if I could even lose 20lbs and 10 inches I would be on cloud 9!

I scored a $10 Walmart e gift card today when shopping when I picked up some batteries on y trip out to refresh my healthy snacks to keep me doing good so that was a huge plus for my night! I also scored the toy I've been eying up for the little one I nanny $25 off online this weekend!!

And my husband and I FINALLY got out for a date night for the first time since this summer thanks to some good timing finally and my best friend being so wonderful and taking my two youngest so we could have some time! We went to see the new Taken 3 movie and then headed out to the city to have dinner at Outback with a gift card given to him when he coached this last fall for soccer combined with a 15% off coupon!! Gotta love when you get to relax even more on date night with some goodies like that!

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