Here's to 2015!

Friday, January 2, 2015 11:45 AM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
We ended up a wonderful Christmas with a visit from my father in law and his new wife! He recently got married this year after his wife passing away who had been sick since my husband was a teenager. He loved her so much and lived his every moment for her and grieved greatly when she passed but it is nice to see he was able to move on when many can't find happiness again. Both my husband and I are so thrilled to see him happy again and to see someone who cares for him so much and takes care of him too! It is his turn to be taken care of and I know his late wife would agree and would be so happy to see he is cared for so well!

Though I couldn't convince my husband to go out for New Years Eve and even wound up having 2 of my kids get sick early in the day.. I did convince him to let me sneak out for awhile with some friends! I haven't been out in a long time on New Years Eve so it was a long over due much needed night of fun! Maybe a little to much fun haha

I'm not making new years resolutions because you know that whole stigma of having to resolute and stick to them just kills it and makes you not stick to them half of the time lol but I do have a few things I hope to accomplish and focus more on this year!

1) Lose 10-20lbs by summer!
2) Start Christmas shopping in January! That's right I want to start now so I can get deals all year round and pull off what I did this last Christmas but even better!!
3) Get more swag! I slacked off swagbucks for awhile and when I really put the effort into I reaped some nice benifits but can you imagine what i had done had I actually started in January and stuck with it a little more? So I'm going to try my best to do that this year!
4) I got off track with couponing last year and my check book could totally tell! It was hard managing couponing, working and being a busy mom of 4 but I started back up over summer and stock piled again and I will stick faithful to this! I need to get better about keeping up with my stock pile and finding the best deals!
5) More one on one time with the kids! I do a lot with my kids but I really want to focus more on getting independant time with each kid! Yeah that's a joke with 4 kids lol but I will do this as much as I can rather it be a board game with just that kid or taking that kid with me to the store! I need that bonding time! They are all so different and with a teenager in the house I'm feeling myself get a little mopey that I don't have much more time and I love learning more about the little man he has become!

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