Stockpile Run!

Friday, January 2, 2015 1:26 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
Some of my great coupon/stockpile the other day!!

6 - kids 2 in 1 wash $.38ea after coupon
20 - Gillette shaving gel $.38ea after coupon
23 - Hormel wraps $.60ea after coupon
24 - chow me in noodles $.33ea after coupon
90 - cans of cat food $.17 after coupon

These are just my "best" saves! I had 2 carts full of groceries ..after coupons some other deals
Bushes beans $.50ea
Check mix $1ea
Apple jacks $1.50ea
Lance cracker packs $1ea
Orville popcorn box 10pk $2ea
Tea bags $1.75ea
Bags of white rice $1ea
Skippy peanut butter $1ea
Squeezable Motts apple sauce $1.50ea
Cookie dough $1.50eA
Frozen pizzas $.55ea
Tyson chicken $4ea
Deodorant $1.79ea
Axe gel. $2.79ea
Ax deodorant $2.78ea
Toothpaste aqua $1ea
Proglide shavers $3.00e
Schick hydro shaver $1.40ea

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