43 Days of Summer.. Off it Goes!

Saturday, July 9, 2011 10:45 PM Posted by The Cookie Cutter Diva
oh boy oh boy oh boy! What a day today has been!!

The kids pulled out "Go See Transformers 3" out of the "Summer Fun" jar! Something they were waiting and dying to do and see it in 3D! Mommy is sad she didn't get to go haha

So this morning I got up and I went to check out the Old Navy $20 Grab Bag deal. I didn't set my alarm because I didn't know if I wanted to go yet and decided I'd wait and see if a few people went and some reviews. I saw some good ones, went down to the store and they had a lot of bags left and then I hear an employee say "it's 5 of the clearance shirts" um.. seriously I knew it was clearance but 5?? I could buy more then that off your clearance rack for $20! Heck I could go buy more then that new on one of your sales specials for that and be happier with what I was getting by knowing for sure we'd use it! No thank you! PASS!

Visited a few garage sales on the way home. Loaded up the truck and took a truck load of recycled stuff down to the recycling center.

Then Bryan headed off with the boys to the movies so I spent some time cleaning out the garage after I took the recycled items. Reorganized a few things and got some stuff cleared out I felt we didn't need and could part with to try to thin things down and posted them on the freebie page.

Bryan picked up 2 boxes for me on the way home which was a great score for me because it was boys items in the size I needed! I was worried that there would be more girl things but I got just what I needed for Aidan so I took that out and passed on the rest!

While I was doing this my lovely daughter who was in and out the garage and coloring ever so peacefully in the living room decided that the kids scissors in the coloring box would be more fun and that she would play hair stylist and cut her own hair!!

Let me tell you.. I must be on some really really good anxiety medicine because I always thought if my kids pulled that I'd beat the crap out of them! All I could do was calmly have a complete cow, take a picture to send to daddy and send her to bed for a nap and take a nice warm relaxing bath while I recovered myself from having a complete mental break down thinking my little girl is starting her first year of school next month with some jacked up hair!! *sigh*

Finished up some laundry, baked some brownies and after dinner decided I couldn't take it anymore and I was going to fix her hair myself! I've cut hair before but obviously I'm not a stylist! I can't do some super cute hair do but I can do what needs to be done at least on a girl lol

Bryan how ever walked in on me and started yelling at me and flipped out about it and we got into it, I locked him out of the bathroom yelling just trust me lol

He was happy with it when I came out thankfully haha I evened it out to one of the layers she had cut which was a little longer then the other layer she cut on the left side. It was still a couple inches shorter but not as short as the complete chop off! Yes it's obvious that it's uneven on one side but it's not as obvious as when it was long in the middle and then chopped on the sides! I think over all it looks kind of cute and better then her hot mess she normally has so I think we might start keeping it like this.

We're going to slowly let the left side even out the next month and hopefully get it all squared away and perfect by the start of school!

She confessed she wanted it short like her friend Natalies and I told her that's completely fine but next time tell us so we can take her to get it done!

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